You will need
  • - the complete package of goods;
  • - receipt;
  • - warranty card;
  • - passport
According to Russian legislation, if the mobile phone is working properly, then take it back to the store, you can not. Cell phones are not subject to return or exchange non-food products. It is stated in the Decree №55 of the Government of the Russian Federation of 19 January 1998, according to which telephone sets are one of the categories of household technically sophisticated products and cannot be returned or exchanged if they are in good condition.
According to the law "On protection of consumer rights" you have the right to return the money for a cell phone or to exchange it for another if it is faulty or has a defect that appeared during the warranty period and not your fault. This requires the observance of certain conditions: the phone should save the presentation and have full equipment. You should also have a cash and receipt, warranty card. In fact, if the check is lost, the law allows you to hire the testimony of witnesses or to prove the purchase in another way. But this responsibility falls on the consumer, therefore it is better always keep your receipts. To recover the money, the fault must not be the consequence of your failure to comply with the conditions of use.
To return a defective phone, you come to the shop, taking the goods as a complete package, receipts and warranty card and your passport (a passport or military ID). In a free form, write the application addressed to the Executive Director or with the requirement to refund you or exchange for a similar product. Specify the full name of the product, its cost, the defect. Attach copies of commodity and cashier's checks and warranty card (leave originals at home). Tick this box if you wish to be present at the examination of goods in case of its carrying out. Put your signature and date.
The clerk shall make an inventory of configuration adopted, you have the goods, get a stamp and your signature on your statement. Then the shop usually sends the phone to a service center. After the examination determines that your fault in the breakdown of no, the bookstore should fulfill your requirements: to exchange the product or return the paid amount.