You will need
  • - cash and receipt;
  • - warranty card;
  • - the passport.
Specify when you buy the phone store conditions return. Many sellers have certain rules for a similar product. For example, you can get your money back if the device has never been used and it retains the original presentation. Get a receipt and a warranty card for the purchased phone. If you are denied such documents, it is not recommended to buy, because in most cases the product is defective or broken.
Please contact within 14 days from the date of purchase of the phone to the store with the goods, receipts, warranty card and a passport. The issue of the exchange of the purchase money is involved, as a rule, private employee, with whom you must communicate for this reason.
Will be polite and calm because for the most part the decision will be taken from the fact whether you liked that person or not. If you refused a request to return the money, write a written statement to the Director of firm-the seller.
Specify in the written claim all of the factors that can help you in getting the money for the goods. For example, the basis for satisfaction of requirements of the buyer is a wrong advice from the seller.
Don't forget to include your home address within 10 days is obliged to come a written response with rationale for the decision. If it was decided to grant your request, come with all documents and a phone to the store and get my money back.
Write a written statement for the right of refund for the phone if it fails within the warranty period. This right is regulated by article 18 of the RF Law "On protection of consumer rights". The seller has the right to conduct an examination of the failure to identify that it relates to the warranty case. After receiving a positive result, you have the right to receive the money for the phone or exchange it for a new model.