You will need
  • - the complete package of goods;
  • - receipt;
  • - warranty card
If you bought the phone in the shop, under warranty, if problems occur you can get your money back. Always save the packaging, receipt and the rest of the documentation at least until then, until the warranty period for the product. Although it is worth noting that if a check is lost, according to the law you can resort to the testimony of witnesses.If you bought the phone is faulty or broken, according to the law "On protection of consumer rights" you have the right to return it back to the store in exchange for another or get a refund. All that was sold with it in kit must be available and the phone should save the presentation.
Another important aspect in damage and malfunction of the apparatus should not be your fault, otherwise, the money you no return. Under the terms of the warranty, the buyer is responsible for breakage, if he did not comply with the conditions, subjected the goods to mechanical, thermal and other influences.
So you've decided to return the faulty phone. Find the receipt and warranty card, clear copies of them. Write a letter to the CEO or Executive Director of the company, the seller will specify his name and initials in the store), in the free form, describe its claim. Don't forget to mention full name of the device, its cost, type of failure, the demand for the return to you of money in legal term. Attach a copy of the check and the warranty coupon. Mark the date and signature. A copy of the documents Express. If you wish to attend when possible the examination of the goods, specify it in the application. Although this is not a necessity. If instead of return the money you wish to exchange defective merchandise for the same, also specify it in the application. The store employee who took your application and documents must be put on the statement print and your signature. He will also make an inventory of what was taken from you (product set) and will inspect the unit in the absence of visible damage. Then the store will send the device to service center for examination. If the problem to her and your innocence will be confirmed, your requirements will be completed: there will be an exchange of a faulty phone or returned the money.
If the warranty period has long since expired, over the phone (even faulty), you can still obtain a little money. There are special points of reception devices, where faulty cell phones buying on the cheap. These points can be found in the transitions, advertisements in Internet and Newspapers.