You will need
  • - the statement;
  • voice recorder or camcorder.
Write an application for refund of money for defective goods and give it to the seller. Specify which you have claims to quality of the item purchased, when you purchased, attach all the documents (warranty card, receipt). Explain that you want to return the product and get their money back. Make copies of the documents you provide and ask that the seller put on your instances a mark of acceptance of the claim.
Remember the date of your claim. Money for the defective item you must return within ten days from the date of registration of the claim. This term is included, and the diagnostics for the store.
If you decide you want to replace the product, the exchange must be made within twenty days. Repair of defective goods may not exceed forty-five days. If the seller violates the foregoing terms, you can recover a penalty of 1 percent of the value of goods for each day of delay.
At the end of the warranty store view, not over whether the manufacturer's warranty. If you operate the product correctly, and the problem was not your fault, you can go directly to the manufacturer and demand a refund for the defective item. However, there is no examination can not do.
Always write down the name, surname, patronymic and position of those with whom you communicate. In complex cases, use the camcorder or recorder. This can be useful when going to court. For trial you will need copies of documents which confirm the payment of an independent examination, the results of the examination, a copy of the application to the store, a copy issued by the seller of the rejection.