To break the hymen - it means to lose innocence. However, in most cases, the hymen has sufficient elasticity and at the first intercourse is not torn, and stretched, letting the penis.

Types of hymen

The hymen has a small hole, the size and shape of which determines the type of the hymen.

The most common are the three types of hymen:

- annular - hymen hole has an oval shape and situated in the middle;

- cloisonne - hole separated by a thin partition into two parts;

- lattice - membrane full of small holes like a lattice.

However, there are other types. What are the different eye shape or nose shape, and hymen every woman has its own physiological characteristics and shapes.

Types of breaking the hymen

Rupture of hymen is called deflowering and can occur for different reasons.

Naturally the breaking the hymen occurs during intercourse. The acuteness of sensation depends on the sensitivity threshold of the woman and the number of nerve endings in her Plehve. The presence of blood determines the equipment of the hymen blood vessels.

There are cases where the hymen has to be removed surgically. This occurs when the desire of the woman (if she is older than 25 years) and medical reasons (too great density of the hymen, etc.).

In some women, the hymen rupture is due to trauma. For example, if an incorrect gynecological examination instruments or active Masturbation using Dildo.

There are women deprived of a hymen from birth. These cases are called aplasia and rare.

Is it possible to restore hymen?

. This operation is called hymenoplasty and lasts on average about 30 minutes.

The price of hymenoplasty depends on the amount of work. If the remains of the hymen, a skilled surgeon simply sews them under local anesthesia. This kind of a hymenoplasty procedure is short-lived and usually used for women who want to surprise the wife with innocence on our wedding night.

After child birth the hymen is torn completely, and fix it harder.

If you wish parous women surgeons can restore her hymen from the tissues of the vaginal mucosa. This type of a hymenoplasty procedure is considered more complex and requires General anesthesia. The duration of the operation may exceed 1.5 hours. But then none of the gynecologist can not tell a real membrane or not.

To decide to lose their virginity or restore it - only to you.