The hymen is a fold of vaginal mucosa, which covers the entrance to the inner sexual organs. Different members of the fairer sex, it can vary in size, structure, shape, thickness, and elasticity. Therefore, the rupture of the hymen all girls suffer in different ways. Extremely rare congenital absence of the hymen – aplasia. It is also not often observed in medicine, the cases of atresia – re narashivanie hymen after defloration.
The hymen is not a solid fabric, it has a hole through which menstrual blood comes out. The number and size of holes, all women are different. If a few holes, full defloration occurs only after several sexual acts. If the hole is large enough, then during sex the hymen is not torn, but simply stretched. Tensile hymen may persist until delivery, despite an active sex life. In this case, the defloration occurs during childbirth, usually an obstetrician adscam stubble, so as not to interfere with the passage of the baby through the birth canal.
In most cases the defloration occurs when the first sexual contact, when the hymen is torn penis. Rupture of hymen is possible without penetration. It might break in active Masturbation sessions, some sports, heavy physical exertion, trauma. In some African tribes there was a belief that the blood appearing at deprivation of virginity, is able to bring to the man of misery and disease. Therefore, in the first night the girls were deprived of virginity the special bone knives, and only after that the bride could go to bed with her husband.
To lose their virginity in a natural way does not always work. The cause may be overly stretchy or too tight hymen. In this case, the intervention of the doctors who carried out defloration surgically. Persistent attempts by men to deprive this girl of virginity can lead to injuries of the vagina and perineum. The indication for surgical defloration can be psychological reasons. If the girl is experiencing panic and fear of pain during first sex, or for some reason cannot admit a partner in her virginity. Surgical defloration is performed under local anesthesia. The operation lasts no more than 15 minutes, and after a few hours she can safely go home.