How to come up with a message to the guy

Texting the guy's from the heart, with the soul. To come up with words not so hard, is just a little bit to try and turn fantasy and make it happen.

Write briefly and to the point, guys don't like long, poetic verses or trite phrases. You can approach this case with humor. was interesting and funny. You need to write only in a good mood. Negative or positive emotions are passed along with the letter. Sincere message is always a joy, the mood of the person.

If the head did not come or have doubts about your thoughts, you can use additional sources: books, poems, the Internet. Tips mothers, sisters, girlfriends that can help with this.

SMS need to come up with this to like the guy. And the girl should pay attention to the character and taste of the young man. Building on this, to write in a way that he liked. Mostly guys like smart and funny girls. Therefore, the message must also be relevant to the young person had about you an opinion as competent interesting personality.

The message should be associated with you, that is you need to come up with something special that touches or the two of you, or some interesting facts.

Most importantly, the guy realized from the message that you love and appreciate him. No need to speak openly about their desires, leave a little mystery. Think of the message such that he wanted to answer or discover its meaning.

It is very important that it is written in SMS. Only need to Express warm feelings.

What to write in a message to the guy?

You can think of many interesting things and was left to ponder what to write, to like the person that much. SMS is a great way to reveal their feelings and show the guy my sympathy.

You need to write simple and clear words, do not complicate. You can pay attention to what's most important. A short verse reveal the tender feelings to the person.

There are certain words and phrases that guys like them. The most common ones: unusual, combining a sense of humor and tenderness. Gentle handling, nice for a strong half, but they need to comply with the measure. Guys love feeling, but not too much. You can write cool poems as his own composition, and was found in a book or online to lift the mood of its second half.

You can come up with an interesting plot, and intriguing person.

It's best to write at night. It is a romantic time when man remains alone with his thoughts.

If this is a recent acquaintance, you might write: "good night, let the dream of your dream". But if it is a long-term relationship, you can write: "good night, sweet and dear."

There are many different ideas. You can choose what is most suitable and write it to your loved one, listening to their interests.