Getting rid of fear of communicating with strangers is one of the tasks solved in the course of acting. Fortunately, you don't have to enter the acting Department to talk with a stranger. It is sufficient to use the basic principles of drama school.
Not sharpen their own attention on yourself and don't try to see yourself through the eyes of his companion. You always look like you feel. If you have a good mood, so the man will see in you a beautiful girl. And if you're bold enough and talk to him, you seem more sociable and ready for new contacts.
Don't try to be anything. Behave exactly the same as with friends. Do not distort the voice and facial expressions. Any attempt at pretence will be immediately seen, and the impression of you spoiled.
In fact, the first sentence doesn't matter. It can be an anecdote, but relatively new, which a man hardly known. More effective to start a dialogue with the question. Find the first phrase in the context of the situation. Use as assistants to the room where you are, geographical location. In question must be a double bottom: the answer suggests itself but is not complete. We will continue the dialogue in the discussion.
You can do without fine phrases and humor. Just have the courage to approach the man. Say Hello and introduce yourself, if necessary, tell us how was the party, what do you think about it. After each phrase, pause to understand the reaction of the interlocutor. If you are interested in, you'll see it right away. Further topics of conversation find, depending on the context.
If a man is in response to your greeting and offer of meeting declined to do, smile and leave him without much perseverance. Do not worry and don't upset yourself for the stupid behavior. Perhaps you really liked him, but he came with a girl, or just was not configured to a new acquaintance. In any case, this is not the last chance in your life.