In which way is better to correspond

Before you start a conversation with a young man, you need to determine what is its purpose. You should not immediately turn to the guy in too playful a tone, he can just do not take a girl seriously. If she wants the experience to continue the relationship in the real world, then you first need to think carefully about a strategy for further action.

Do not just too much to tell about it. A girl should always remain a mystery, which the young man wants to solve. If the girl is smart, well educated and well-read is certainly a virtue, but we should not immediately open it. Unfortunately, some boys are afraid of too smart people.

Men often fear the passionate confessions and, especially, the encroachments on their freedom. Therefore, the correspondence is best to start with companionship. Young people should not immediately perceive the girl as a candidate for the role of the bride. Better start to be just a pleasant conversationalist. Gradually getting to know his interests well and understand the topics that can inspire. Common interests always bring people together. It is important that the guy was comfortable to chat with a new friend, and he didn't feel hunted. The ease of communication, most likely, will like him and maybe he wants to make conversation more romantic.

From the virtual Dating to the real one

If friendly correspondence will acquire a romantic character, boy and girl want to meet in real life. Better if this time they will already be quite familiar with each other, this will help them to avoid embarrassment. Girls, that correspond in too relaxed a tone, making a big mistake. Most of the guys gladly support such familiarity, however, at the meeting feel uncomfortable. But if the sympathy has arisen on the basis of companionship, it can lead to much more serious relationship.

It will be nice if personal acquaintance will prove as pleasant as virtual. However, when meeting online it is better to follow certain precautions. Communicating in a network, people do not see each other, and a nice young man may not be who he claims to be. So the first date is best to assign a day in a public place, not to accidentally run into trouble.