To identify the motive. People in communication is looking for, above all, benefits. Everyone is their own: to get rid of loneliness, to gain new knowledge, make contacts in a particular environment, showing off to new friends, increasing their self-esteem. Even if the person is not familiar (let's say it's just a nickname on the Internet), it still leaves traces of their mental activity. And before you start communicating, it would be good to drive his name, email address (or both username if it is unique enough) on the Internet. If you find that stunning handsome has the habit to borrow money from their virtual girlfriends and disappear without a trace, the question of correspondence should fall off by itself.
Please, which is nice to carry. If it's a social network, it is useful to see the interests or place of residence of the person, and then come up with a question that the conversation will be easy and pleasant to answer, showing knowledge of the subject. It is not necessary to ask direct and simple questions like: "Scared to skydive?". From a layman to communicate. Better dig a little deeper to the subject to be brought to the interlocutor his own man, even as a newbie.
Skills that may be of interest to the interlocutor. This method is good when a person is open to communication, talking openly about their interests, endeavouring to show himself, puts a lot of personal photos, especially the beach, home from parties. Here it is appropriate to Express sympathy (but without compulsion and outright flattery) and to offer a communication, telling a little about yourself. A neat phrase in the spirit: "You seem/seemed like a nice and open person. I think we will be interested to talk about..." In this case, it is appropriate to offer help in the area that seems most interesting. If a girl is interested in a certain direction in music, you can expand your horizons, to interest her.
Good manners. The man who seeks to reduce the distance in communication, often alarming and off-putting. And the person who begins the conversation in a soft, delicate expressions, retains a sincere tone and not trying to embellish and invent, is the most favorable impression. In communicating by correspondence, the first two or three letters are the most important. In order to mask some of the flaws (for example, illiteracy or ignorance of complex words), it is necessary to use dictionaries, books, magazines, websites - additional literature.
Originality. Remember the question of the Soviet film: "Hello. Can you tell me where is nofelet?" If the source person is young and easy, then after the greeting, you can write funny question that will be of interest. "Ping-pong correspondence" is a special sport that values humor and the ability to think. But these skills need to hone.