Show originality. Everyday problems always seem boring, so you need to find a topic that will interest your interlocutor. Nothing will surprise the guy more than hobby girls unfeminine sports: snowboarding, football, hockey, etc.
Talk to the guy on the same "wave". Important for girls emotions and feelings – Express them to communicate with friends. Guys are more accustomed to rely on the facts. Tell what for it is interesting - where you went, what you saw, what new learned, read or watched.
Be natural and relaxed. Do you think that stronger would be interested in a guy, pretending to be a femme Queen or a charming yoke? But it's not. Wearing a mask will prevent you to show your true value, you will behave unnatural and cartoonish.
Find out the interests of the interlocutor. Listen carefully to his report on the work or the last fishing trip, be interested in the details. If the guy is very well versed in any field – ask for his advice, help. Let him feel that you respect his authority.
Show sincere interest in the Affairs of man. Representatives of the strong half of mankind prefer to talk about their achievements, ideas and aspirations. They need to be appreciated, thanked, praised, and understood.
Avoid obsessions and excessive curiosity. If the guy goes to answer – do not insist and change the subject. Don't try to control it – it has nothing to do with the desire to know better the guy and pushes him away.
The guy will see in you the interesting person, if you will know about your achievements, victories and discoveries. Show him what are professional. But with friendliness and openness, for complete success you need to be able to save and mystique. Always only priotkryvaya the curtain on a part of your life, allowing him to solve the rest.
Don't forget to show your sense of humor. Jokes, humor, interesting and complicated history will help you to defuse the situation and stir up the dying interest in the conversation.
Telling something, try to feel the interlocutor. When the boy will be bored, you will understand that for a scattered look vague or repetitive answers. If you want to stay interesting, change the subject and don't "ship" it. In addition to tedious, however, be avoided and complaints.