Intercoms Vizit firms are more reliable and therefore one of the most popular. Their codes vary widely. Sometimes the keyboard is missing the sprocket and the bars, and in their place are the keys C and K, respectively.
If the installer was not changed the default settings of the intercom Vizit, the door should open when you enter the code *#4230 or 12#345. For newer versions of devices suitable combination *#423 or 67#890.
If the above codes do not work, then you can open the door using the service menu. To do this, dial #999. Then wait for two short beeps, then enter the master code. The intercoms firms Visit the default master code is 1234. If you then sounded one short beep, then the master code is entered correctly. If the signal was two-tone no. In this case, try the following variation codes: 12345, 0000, 9999, 3535, 6767 or 11639.

From the service menu you can open the door intercom without the key. To do this, press the following key combination 2-pause-#-pause-3535.

To exit the service menu press *. The # key is used to confirm to the program of intercom system changes.
Also, problems can occur with intercom Vizit BVD-3xx. This model has no display and led indicators. To open a lock like this should go in the service menu as described in the previous paragraph, and then press 1.
To pick up code will not work and the intercom Vizit model BVD-34х. You can tell by the left receiver.