Buy combination lock, mechanical or electric, is not difficult. Its installation is also not time consuming: invite a professional who will install it for you for a few minutes and will help to understand the working principle.
So, to open the mechanical combination lock, remember the following statement. You have on your door or a safe installed four mechanical combination lock. A cipher lock is four numbers ranging from 0 to 99. The rotating disk lock has a hundred divisions, which correspond to the numbers of the cipher.
First start to rotate the disk clockwise so that the division that corresponds to the first number in the code, it took three times past the labels put on the stationary part of the castle. Stop only when this division will be mark the fourth time.
Next, rotate the lock counterclockwise so that the division, which suffered the second number of the code, passed by the famous label you twice. Stop rotating the disk when the division will reach the label for the third time.
Now again start to rotate the lock clockwise so that the division of the third number in the code passed by the label once and, after reaching it the second time, stop.
Finally, turn the dial counterclockwise until you reach the provisions of division fourth of the cipher clearly mark. Pay close attention to their movements because with one mistake you have to repeat all over again.
Gently rotate the key in a coded lock. Turn the handle of the box (or door) and open the lock. In order to close the box back in, turn the key in the lock and the disk lock turn a few times while moving clockwise.