Do not prepare something banal for the gala evening. Remember that in those days, all waiting for miracles. Contact Agency for organizing the events. There you can offer even a balloon flight.
Arrange holiday drawing during the celebration. Hire actors or write a story draw themselves. Quite a lot of options. For example, two police officers detained a celebrant and lead to the place where organized a festive evening. Of course, the person who is detained, will be very surprised.
Organize contests and games for guests. They can be different. For example, guests must work in pairs. Each pair is a man and a woman. The goal is to expand the candy wrapper and eat the treats without using their hands. Wins one of the pairs that will do it first.
Write on paper hearts the first lines of some of the songs and invite the guests onto the stage to sing the verses, the first line of which they got in turn. Another contest called "Dress the lady". The girl is holding in one hand a ball of tape, and the guy with the lips taking the tip of the ribbon and wind the ribbon girl. The winner is the one who will beautiful outfit, who quickly cope with the task.
Throw a masquerade ball. Prepare in advance the invitation, which specify what each guest needs to be in costume of any hero of the movie or tale. It is possible to think about the competition for the best performance script of the movie. Come up with something.
Of course, don't forget about the holiday table. You can cook a lot of delicious food. Do something new and original, find interesting recipes in a cookbook or in an appropriate journal. Surprise your friends with amazing salads, delicious sweets. You can celebrate the birthday together, along with a loved one. If you do not like noisy companies, it will be the perfect option for you.