Treat yourself and friends "celebration of childhood" - invite all to the circus. This is one of the cheapest entertainment, tickets are 300 rubles. In the intermission give guests a milkshake and cake, and after the presentation take a picture of the entire company in the arms of the tiger and red-nosed clowns.
Remove the sauna for 2-3 hours. The average cost of a one hour – 1000 rubles. Overeating in the sauna harmful, so the snack you may also bring easy and inexpensive. To order more tea, and as an alcoholic drinks – buy okladnogo beer. For an evening hair and make-up will not have to spend. And fun contests can be arranged in the pool.
Invite friends to the cinema for a morning or afternoon session. Usually at this time, movie tickets are cheaper and the popcorn and coke as treats hardly a gap in your wallet. Choose a Comedy or a funny cartoon. Together with loved ones to watch the adventures of on-screen characters fun and more fun.
Tell your friends that your budget is bursting at the seams and ask them to bring gifts of food for parties or drinks. Just be sure to agree in advance who will bring what. Someone from friends will come with a cake of her own making, someone order a pizza in a nearby pizzeria – everything goes on the table! The end result is cheap and no hassle for you and the guests will not have to worry about what gift you choose.
Book some lanes at the bowling alley. The price of entertainment - from 500 rubles per track per hour. Will just have to organize a competition with prizes for the champion place to buy beer and snacks – and go gambling to celebrate a birthday!
Escape into nature. No need to spend money on festive attire and expensive champagne flute. Disposable tableware and paper napkins look appropriate on a picnic. The meat for the kebabs can marinate yourself, and to the kebabs is enough to buy a few vegetables and herbs – that's festive buffet! You only have to come up with fun outdoors – and the success of the day of birth without any cost provided!