If you celebrate the day of birth at home, make from the threshold, guests plunged into the atmosphere of the holiday. Ask someone from friends to help you make an interesting Wallpaper on your life, at the entrance handing the medal of "distinguished visitor" and a conical cap. Think of (well, peeped on the Internet) funny games (without vulgarity).
Every year becoming more and more popular theme parties. Come up with a holiday theme according to your age and Hobbies. If you are celebrating a 20th anniversary, spend the day of birth in the images from the film "Stilyagi". For thirty years more important than career, and you can arrange a "meeting" is the business club, where guests wore clothes of business style and cards and gifts is award to the best employee of the year. Or make a "library party" - what are the meals well-known book titles, and each guest gives a library card.
Day of birth in nature are also not necessarily reduced to banal eating kebabs. Comic can arrange a lottery for each skewer. But if you have a certain place where you always relax together with your friends, make a tree of wishes – decorate it with ribbons and knotting, mean something to the birthday boy.
On the day of birth usually, guests give gifts to the birthday, but if "newborn" will grant guests comic surprises, this will surely be remembered by everyone. Remember, what motivates each of your friends, add a splash of humor and hand them gifts.
"Birthday" photo session will be a decoration of any holiday. To be photographed on the days of birth , and guests always love, but there is also a professional photographer come... Photos from the festival for a long time will stand in the place of honor each of the guests.