You will need
  • Disconnected phone, delicatessen, bath, candles, balloons
On the eve of the birthday declare to everyone you know that you will be unavailable all day. Greetings and gifts you can get and the next day. Provide informational isolation: in the evening, unplug the phone, alarm clock, doorbell, pull out the TV antenna and unplug the radio.
Prepare drinks and snacks so that you can for the next day to eat, not really bothering yourself. Salads, sandwiches, light wine, fruit – all this will allow not only to satisfy hunger, but also to treat themselves to delicacies on this exceptional day. You can afford to try something exotic.
The birthday morning spend in bed – good night's sleep and after woke up, just relax in bed. In the evening you can prepare coffee in a thermos. This will allow you to pamper yourself with a Cup of coffee without getting out of bed. Feel the full pleasure from doing nothing.
Do yourself a bubble bath and aromatic salts. Decorate the bathroom with candles, turn on your favorite music. After taking a bath can take a cool shower – this will allow you to cheer up.
If you happen to own the disc with the movie, which has long wanted to see but not enough time in the day Laziness is the most suitable day to eliminate this annoying misunderstanding. Same applies to books. Just lie on the sofa with a good book in hand – a beautiful relaxation that will recharge your batteries.
Decorate the room with balloons. The abundance of colorful balloons is very uplifting. A good alternative can be ordinary soap bubbles is child's play to mentally return you to the world of happy carefree childhood.
Tell fortunes. Birthday is a kind of milestone, a milestone. Guessing can be on anything: coffee, book, notes. Take the results of divination with a sense of humor – a positive attitude will allow you to create a positive matrix, the development of future events.
Conclude your day with a leisurely walk in the Park. Sleep after such walks will be strong and calm – a fitting end to a Day of Laziness presented itself.