You will need
  • - sausages or meat for a barbecue;
  • - disposable tableware;
  • - beverages
  • - table games.
Mark the name-day in nature. This holiday is ideal for those who are not planning to spend a lot of money to organize the event. The only thing you will have to spend a significant amount of meat, if you want to barbecue. But in this case, you can save, roast on the fire sausages. Camping is available not only to those born in the warmer time of the year. In winter you can also go to the recreation center.
Think carefully about your spending. Create a menu and describe what products you will need. Try to buy food not on the eve of the birthday, and at least a week before. Thus, you can go shopping and choose the one in which prices are lower. The same applies to alcohol. Beforehand check invited what drinks they prefer. So you save yourself from unnecessary spending.
Use disposable dishes. One of the important advantages of celebrating outdoors is that you don't have to do the cleaning at home and washing dishes. Disposable plates, forks and glasses is not expensive, but will save you from unnecessary worries.
Ask friends for help. Real friends will understand your difficult financial situation and will gladly come to help in the organization of the event. Let it be their gift to you on your birthday. Do not have to ask the comrades of financial aid, if you are uncomfortable doing it. You can contact them with a request to prepare some dish for the holiday table.
Consider the program of your celebration. Would not be very interesting, if you'll just fry the sausages over a campfire. If the experience in organizing events you have not, do not worry. You will find a variety of table games, which will amuse any company. Play "Mafia" or "the Crocodile" - these games are loved by everyone and enjoyed great success on friendly. Be of good cheer, rejoice in your feast, because the amount of money is always different, and socializing with friends can not be measured with any cuts.