The birthday – celebration of childhood. And therefore let the guests come in fun children's costumes – shorts and shirts and girls with pigtails or bows. You can together take a ride on the carousel in the Park, watch a magician (or even take part in it) and organize a tournament to overcome the obstacle cars on the radio.
Rainbow celebration. In advance distribute between friends color: and every, let them come in clothing (or let it be used some item of clothing) that color. Accordingly, utensils and balloons should also be colored. You'll see how bright and rich photos will stay with the holiday! If a holiday in nature and on the shore of a lake, you can spoil each other with colors. The very clean hand prize.
Theme party: arrange an evening in the style of American westerns with a game of Darts or a visit to the shooting range. If you celebrate the holiday in nature, you can make a comic shootout – try to hit the target, e.g. egg. You can also make use of the Italian mafia and play in the same game (must have the appropriate costumes). And you can make a simple feast in Russian-folk style, with bath, sauerkraut, salted fish, wreath and playing tag or stickball.
If you want to tickle your nerves friends, arrange a extreme vacation. Rope trail, skydiving, search for food, the lesson of extreme driving – and now the story of your day of birth is repeated in other companies other holidays.
Be the first to see the morning sun. Now, people do not often lend themselves to romance, and if you and your friends would go camping together and greet the dawn, it will certainly produce a lasting impression.