Treat yourself and spend his birthday without guests, family and loud parties. Go to a restaurant or club, relax. Or you can prepare something delicious for myself and eat it alone, sitting on the couch watching your favorite movies.
If you want radical solutions, we can in my birthday do what you never did. It might be skydiving, scuba diving, going to the shooting gallery or tattoo parlor, alloy etc. This is your day, and you have the right to do whatever we want (within reason, of course). But in this case you can not do without the moral support of friends, so it is best to spend the day with them.
Join with your friends in the places where you've never been. No matter where you go: in another town in the taiga, in the village. The main thing that it was interesting. It is important to remember that if you decide to spend the day of his birth so need some cash investment. Also, don't forget to bring a Navigator and a phone with multiple SIM cards, in the event of an emergency you could get help.
Transform your birthday party into a costume party or prom. Fancy costume helps you to create a holiday atmosphere that you will remember for a long time. It will be useful to create a small but interesting scenario of the evening, which can be contests, and jokes, and jokes. Don't forget to remove all on a videocamera, because this day should be memorable.
If all of the above you are not happy, think about those who gave you life. Spend your birthday with your parents and you will give pleasure both to them and yourself because there is nothing better than to be back with them at the table, in the far-distant childhood.