Transfer traditional feast in some unusual place, for example, on the roof of the house or the river Bank. If you like extreme entertainment, you can have the whole company go skydiving, go scuba diving or take a ride on water scooters.
Diversify the traditional day of birth of the game of paintball. The targets of the birthday child on a special pad or in the woods. Just don't forget to prepare prizes for the winners. Friendly feast in this case, it is possible to arrange also in nature.
Order your bus and arrange for family and friends on a tour of the most significant places of your life. You can start from birth and finish the current place of work or study. To accompany the tour with a humorous story and a slide show, but the bus shall be equipped with a microphone and a TV with DVD player.
With the help of web cameras and Internet connection you can make a "party network". In advance, send your friends invitations and refreshments, and they must send you gifts. At the appointed time sit in front of web cameras and celebrate the day of birth. This option is suitable for friends living in different cities.
Check day of birth at the water Park or fitness club. In addition to sports entertainment that these institutions offer, you can provide a separate room for the feast.
Organize the day of birth in the sauna or bath. This option has many advantages over a cafe or restaurant: in the sauna you can find lots of entertainment – Darts, pool, karaoke, table tennis, etc., and on food and drinks and save money, bringing everything with them.