You have many friends and you love to spend time as one big company? Then you can mount the video with funny scenes from the life of your team. Make a homemade movie songs and jokes in their own performance. This movie not only allow more time to showcase your talents, but will be a pleasant surprise for guests.
In the winter, invite your comrades to the country. In advance on the site vilaite of snow furniture, household items. Don't forget about the main attribute of a modern home TV. Decorate the interior with electric lights, will fill a genuine cosy stuff. Imagine how surprised guests found themselves in a fabulous disco in a snow house.
Perhaps you consider yourself a man of solid and serious. In this case, rent for the evening and order ice rink disco. No one can refuse the temptation to skate with the music of his youth. Here, right at the ice arena, you can organize a meal, guests can raise a glass and congratulate the birthday boy.
You don't like the skates? Invite guests to the bowling alley. Arrange a lively sports show. Reserve your table to hot game that people can quench their thirst and have a snack. What do you think about the luau at the nearest water Park? The opportunity to spend a few hours in a tropical Paradise will not leave anyone indifferent. After riding water slides and dive in the ocean wave you sincerely wish many years of health and prosperity.
If you're partial to romantic impulses, you can go with friends for a walk in the evening city. Hire an old bus or tram, decorate it with balloons and flowers. Organize the inside of the dealership handing out drinks and delicious snacks. Street lights will create a festive mood, and the champagne glasses in the hands of the darling of the passengers will give a silent toast in your honor.