You will need
  • Table, products,accessories for table decorations,karaoke.
The organization of a birthday match in a good mood. Enthusiastically prepare everything you need. Write a sample list of what you need. Include the products required for decoration of table accessories. And all the things that you would like to see on the holiday table.
Make a guest list. Consider the option of a feast together with your family. Maybe the older generation does not want to interfere with to celebrate the birthday of the youngest. In this case, it will have to cover two table in one day, or to celebrate your birthday for several days.
Decide for yourself how, and most importantly, what food you want to cook. If cooking is your thing - go for it. It all depends on your talent, imagination and skill. But if you are strong in chef, we can restrict sandwiches, canapés or buy snacks in the store.
Prepare an entertainment program. Divide guests into several teams. In advance think of fun contests. Buy all the prizes.
Arrange a themed disco. Adorn this room. Lay out the necessary attributes, hang posters. Organize team contest and karaoke.
What would you come up with, importantly, both you and your guests were happy homemade holiday and remembered it as a joyous event.