Drip in a nose vasoconstrictive drops ("Glycine", "Nazivin",".", "Galazolin" and others). They are good as a means of emergency so as to prevent swelling of the mucous membranes and prevent mucus. Drops are for 6-12 hours, after which the blood vessels in the nose are diverging and the stuffy nose returned. Decongestants will not help to be cured completely, but can significantly ease the condition. They can be used as an additional method, but the main treatment should be aimed at eliminating the causes of edema of the nasopharynx. Do not use such equipment for more than 5 days, they are addictive, resulting in their cancellation can only aggravate your condition.
If swelling of the throat caused by allergies, use antihistamines. Identify the allergen that triggered nasal congestion, and eliminate contact with him.
If the swelling caused by inflammation, do the washing of the nose. Dissolve half a teaspoon of salt in glass of warm boiled water (temperature 40-42оС). Fill the syringe 2-3 ml of the solution and not throwing the head back, alternately enter the liquid in each nostril. After the procedure, as it should blowing your nose. Do the washing every day 3-4 times. On the second day of treatment, the inflammation will start to decrease, causing swelling of the nasopharynx alone will come to naught.
Use homeopathic drops and sprays, such as "Euphorbium compositum" or "EDAS-131". They quickly eliminate the swelling of the nasopharynx, but, in contrast to the vasoconstrictor and not cause addiction.
Mix in different proportions of liquid honey and aloe juice. Drip 2-3 drops in each nostril. After 10-15 minutes, swelling of the throat subsides.
Drip into the nose fresh juice of Kalanchoe. It not only helps to eliminate swelling of the nasopharynx, but also effectively fights cold.
The ineffectiveness of home treatment, contact your doctor. In some cases, drastic measures are needed, for example, electroplasma coagulation of the lower turbinate.