Advice 1: How many times a day you can wash the nose with salt water when cold

The most effective and fast acting way to treat a cold is washing the nose with salt water. They can completely clear the nose of all the germs that penetrate deeply into the nasal passages. Some people assume that to wash the nose with salt is possible only with a strong release of secretion from the nose. However, it is not, because even at the first sign of a cold this procedure can stop the development cold.
How many times a day you can wash the nose with salt water when cold

The advantages of the procedure

Salt reduces inflammation, swelling, and strengthens the tone of the vessels of the nose.
Usually people are interested in, how often should the procedure, and not harmful to the nasal mucosa. If you know how to rinse the nose with salt water and to adhere to all rules, the procedure will give a positive result.
Regular breaching procedures for sinusitis, rhinitis and sinusitis reduces the time of treatment of the diseases and accelerates the recovery process. Moreover, lavage of nasal saline solution helps to avoid the development of complications when running cold.

Preparation of the solution

In a glass of warm boiled water dissolve 2 tsp of salt. If the salt has not completely dissolved, strain the solution, as getting her into the nasal cavity can damage the mucosa.

In the resulting saline solution you can add a drop of iodine; it affects the mucous anti-inflammatory effect.
In the process of preparation of the solution instead of salt you can apply sea salt as it is rich in various minerals, and has a therapeutic effect.

The procedure

For rinsing the nose with salt solution it is possible to use the most convenient method among all known. Pinch one nostril and inhale through the second solution of salt for nasal irrigation. It is important that the water, drawn into the sinuses infiltrated into the nasal passages, and then hit in the mouth. If necessary, the remnants of mucus can be vismarkt.

From India came to us the way of cleansing the throat of mucus, called "Jala-Neti". For making take a small teapot. Insert it into one nostril, tilting the head, and pour in the liquid, so that it went through the second nostril. This procedure repeat with the second nostril. Doing this process 3 times a day until complete recovery.

To cleanse the nose can use a syringe or a small syringe. To do this, bend your head sideways and pour the liquid alternately in both sinuses, then blow your nose well. If the nose is stuffed up badly in 15 minutes prior to the procedure drops drip into it.

For certain people this procedure so unpleasant that they refuse from it. Alternatively, you can bury your nose with a solution of salt. To do this, bury in the nasal passages 4-6 drops in half a minute, and carefully blow your nose. Of course, a deep washing will be more effective than instillation, but it also can bring significant relief to the person.

Advice 2 : How to make saline solution for nose

Situations when you need to rinse often. This can be a runny nose in an adult or child during SARS, exacerbation of seasonal allergic rhinitis, the mucous membrane contamination due to dusty or polluted environments.
How to make saline solution for nose
The saline solution quickly and easily cleans the nasal mucosa of dust, germs, softens dry crusts, promotes easier breathing. It is useful to use saline not only during inflammation, but also during the exacerbation of seasonal colds as a preventive measure.
Saline solution for nasal lavage can be easily made at home. To do this in a glass of warm boiled water you need to take one teaspoon of salt and a few drops of iodine. For children will require half or even a quarter spoon of salt, and iodine - one drop.
For nasal you can also use a solution of sea salt. To prepare it you need 1 tablespoon of sea salt, which is sold in any pharmacy, and a quart of boiled water. In the presence of sediment resulting solution should be filtered through several layers of cheesecloth. This solution should rinse the nose 2-3 times a day for 3-4 days.
The solution for nasal lavage can also be prepared as follows. In the glass of water should dissolve half a teaspoon of salt and a little soda, approximately the tip of a knife.
If there is no possibility or desire to prepare salt solution independently, you can use mineral water without gas or industrial preparations for washing the nose bought at the pharmacy, for example, "Akvamaris" or "Saline". They usually come in different concentration, so suitable even for infants. In addition, to effectively cope with the dirt in the nose of normal saline.
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