Advice 1: How to drip in a nose of carrot juice

Carrot juice is often used for the common cold, and by itself or in combination with other components. The juice helps to reduce swelling of the nasal mucosa, liquefies phlegm, restores breathing.
Carrot juice
You will need
  • Carrot juice, carrots, honey, beet juice, juice of garlic, aloe juice, pipette.
Carrot juice is useful in diseases such as rhinitis, vasomotor rhinitis, sinusitis, of varying severity, allergies, accompanied by the secretion of mucus from the nose. Carrot juice can cure rhinitis pregnant women and children.
Carrot juice contains phytoncides, which act against various infections and microorganisms. Onions and garlic also is composed of these substances. However, carrot juice has almost no smell and does not irritate the nose, so it is recommended for the treatment of rhinitis in children. For juicing take only fresh carrots with a bright orange color. The root must be an integer: no black spots and cracks. Only this carrot is valuable and suitable for upcoming treatment. Carrots yellow and white colors of the much less volatile, so they are not recommended.
For the preparation of carrot juice, first wash the vegetable and peel it from the peel. When cleaning better Scoblete carrots, as close to the skin contains a large number of nutrients. After that make juice in the juicer. Then the natural juice be sure to dilute with water one to one. Bury only fresh juice, not the one that was stored in the refrigerator for a week. It left almost no nutrients. If you plan to treat a runny nose in a child, the ratio of water and juice should be 2:1.
Before burying carrot rinse the nose with warm boiled water, so nutrients are better able to act. Then take the eyedropper, type in the juice and drip into the nasal passages 2 drops. The interval between the drops shall be 3 hours. The course of treatment depends on the complexity of the disease. Under normal cold treated carrot juice for 5 days, and if you follow sinusitis instillation 8 days. The maximum duration of treatment: not more than 8 days. If after 8 days the runny nose does not stop, you should contact the audiologist. He needs to appoint other treatments.
Can prepare such drops in a glass of carrot juice mix two tablespoons of honey. The mix also bury the dropper into the nasal passages several times a day. Carrot juice mixed in equal proportions with beetroot is also an effective remedy for the common cold. The treatment complete course. Can mix equal proportions of carrot, beetroot juice, garlic juice and aloe. Such a vigorous blend is very effective in infectious diseases. However, it is contraindicated in pregnant and Allergy sufferers.
Contraindications to treatment with carrot juice no, except for individual intolerance.
Useful advice
For effective treatment of the common cold roll of cotton turundy, dip them in the prepared carrot juice and keep nasal passages for a long time. At bedtime, remove turundy nose.

Advice 2: How to give carrot juice to a child

To begin the introduction of beverages in the diet should be vegetable juice, because they contain less fructose, which is difficult to digest. Best to start with carrot juice. Because carrots are rich In b vitamins, vitamin D and beta-carotene. And its constituent trace elements — iron, potassium and calcium is indispensable for the growth and development of the baby. Besides, carrot juice is hypoallergenic.
How to give carrot juice to a child
Introducing a child's diet carrot juice, should take care of its quality. The baby should be fed only natural, fresh juice, without preservatives and dyes. You must carefully select raw materials to make juice. Vegetables sold in supermarkets, not always can be used to power the crumbs. Blackened carrots with a bitter taste should not be used to make juice for the baby. The best option would be raw from my grandmother's garden, the cleanliness and the quality of which is not in doubt.
Start feeding better in the summer or autumn, when large quantities of fresh chemicals and raw vegetables. But if the beginning of the introduction of drinks had in the winter, it is better to give preference to the juices of industrial production intended for baby food. They are made from high quality raw materials, age grading allows you to choose a juice suitable to the peculiarities of the digestion of the baby.
To teach a child to juice carrots should be gradually. Ideally, familiarity with it the crumbs must occur in the womb. In the diet of pregnant women must include carrot juice. Nursing mothers should also drink carrot juice, saturating breast milk essential vitamins.
Enter the carrot juice directly into the food, the baby may be 5-6 months, when the child's body will start to produce enzymes necessary for the assimilation of new product. It is impossible to give the baby carrot juice in concentrated form, it should be diluted half boiled water.
The first introduction of complementary foods should be given one-component juice. You should start with half a teaspoon. By the age of 10-12 months, gradually increase the amount of juice to 100 ml. Then carrot juice can be diluted by other nectars. The kids love carrot-Apple and carrot-pumpkin juice. But the most useful is the freshly made carrot-beet cocktail.
To make juice kids should not use a juicer. Since the thus prepared juice contains a large amount of pulp and the baby wakes up it's hard to swallow. It is better to grate carrots on the fine grater and squeeze it through cheesecloth. So the juice will come out clean, without solid particles.
Carrot juice is the most useful. It has anti-inflammatory properties, normalizes digestion, improves appetite. Carrot juice is just necessary for proper growth and development of children from the first year of life.

Advice 3: What to do when the child has a stuffy nose

If the child has a stuffy nose, treat this ailment carefully. Difficulty in nasal breathing in children is one of the most frequent diseases. The cold itself is not dangerous, but you need to observe the secretions from the nose and the health of the child to correctly assign treatment.
What to do when the child has a stuffy nose
Causes of nasal congestion in children a lot. In addition to rhinitis, it can cause enlarged adenoids, allergies, deviated septum. So first of all you need to find out the cause and then start treatment. Now in pharmacies sells a variety of drugs against child cold. But many of the tools only affect the surface of the mucous membrane of the nose, they help to relieve swelling but not cure the cold. Besides, they can be used not more than 4-5 days, otherwise it will be addictive. It is best to consult a doctor so he can prescribed the appropriate course of treatment.

At the first signs of nasal congestion helps flushing salt water or decoction of chamomile. Babies under one year this procedure should be done with a pipette, and older children can pour gently into the nostril from a small watering can. For this the child needs to get up to the sink, turning his head to the side so that it is easy to pour broth or water into the nostril. The liquid must pass through all the nasal passages and out of the nostrils at the bottom. During the procedure, the baby should breathe through the mouth.

There are also many folk remedies that effectively fight the cold. Finely chop the onions and squeeze the juice out of it. In this juice add a little sunflower oil and let stand until morning. Bury in each nostril 1-2 drops. Children under one year it is better to drip carrot or beet juice, diluted with boiled water in the ratio 1:1. Helps warming up. Cook the egg and wrapping it in a handkerchief or towel, apply to the nose. Keep until the egg cools. You can make inhalation. Boil water, add the soda or medicinal herbs (3 tablespoons to 2 liters of water), let your child breathe over a bowl for 10 minutes. Make sure that the steam was not very hot.

Prevention do not allow overcooling of the respiratory tract and legs. If after a walk with frozen feet, then immediately take a hot bath with dry mustard. Drink tea with honey.
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