You will need
  • - Warm saline solution;
  • - pine broth;
  • - boiled water;
  • mug or saucer;
  • - a syringe or a teapot for nasal irrigation.
To get rid of mucus in the nose, you can choose the most appropriate method and tool. It is a nasal lavage with warm saline or broth coniferous that you can draw a nose from a small saucer or rinsing with the same solutions, but a Turkey Baster or a teapot, or a long gargling with plain boiled water or decoction of pine. Each of these tools dilutes the mucus and takes it out.
For nasal lavage prepare the saline solution (500 ml of boiled water add 2 tbsp of salt) or coniferous decoction (brew ready coniferous gathering according to the instructions, but not less than 0.5 liters). After the morning toilet, proceed to cleanse the nose of mucus.
If for nasal lavage selected saucer, fill it with any solution. Leaning over the bath, close one nostril, and another draw in water from the saucer. In the same way rinse the other nostril. Keep your mouth open but be careful that the breathing was through her nose only. If performed correctly, water together with mucus needs to drain from the mouth.
Do the washing as long as the water is drawn into the nose freely and just as easy to drain from the mouth. After each washing bismarkia alternately with both nostrils. For complete cleansing of the nasal cavity of mucus, and residues of the solution type in the mouth normal water and three times for 20 seconds a loud gargle.
If for nasal lavage the selected syringe or a special tea maker and type in one of the recommended solutions. His head inclined over the bath, pour the entire volume of the syringe, first into one nostril, and then, bismarckallee, repeat the same with the other. With proper washing, the water will flow out of the free nostril. Also after washing gargle to remove any remaining in the sinuses water or mucus.
To get rid of mucus in the nose using the gargle, prepare plain water or pine broth (500 ml or more) and 20 times for 20 seconds a loud gargle. This method is well thins mucus, and during its draining in the back of the throat mucus, you must cough, and then gargle again. And so until then, until the sensations complete cleansing of the nasal cavity. This procedure is useful to perform daily. It is an excellent prevention of colds.