You will need
  • - antihistamines;
  • - drops or sprays;
  • - sea salt;
  • - decoction of chamomile;
  • - essential oils.
Go to the reception to the doctor-otolaryngologist. The doctor will examine the nasal passages and will advise treatment. If you are unable for some reason to go to a doctor and start the treatment yourself, but remember that many medicines can provoke Allergy attacks. To treat young children with improvised medications can not.
If you suffer from allergies, and swelling caused by another attack, drink an antihistamine, which you have previously made. The swelling will start to subside after a few hours. And to facilitate breathing flush the nose decoction of chamomile. Use other herbs for this purpose is impossible - they can only complicate the disease.
When you feel not only swelling of the nasal mucosa, which is manifested shortness of breath, but a General malaise, then the swelling caused by viruses or microbes. Rinse nasal passages with a sea salt solution (2 tsp per Cup of water). The procedure is repeated several times a day until complete recovery. Also when cold you can apply and antihistamines but remember that they can not only help but also hurt.
Swelling can and vasoconstrictor drops. But if you will use more than 3-7 days, they can also provoke swelling, so as vasoconstrictors sometimes cause allergies. To relieve nasal congestion better use of aerosol preparations (throat etc.) or spray with a vasoconstrictor effect, which include essential oils, emollients mucosa.
Do inhalations over the steam. To hot water add essential oil of fir, cedar or pine. Ingaliruut Airways several times a day. Gradually the swelling will start to subside and breath to recover.
If you do not help, go to the hospital. Sometimes the swelling caused by tumors in the nasal cavity that arise as a result of prolonged illness or have a genetic predisposition.