Often it happens that by the time the contractions the cervix is not ready for childbirth. In this case, the doctors can schedule the surgery – cesarean section, as weak tribal activities dangerous to the life of the child (can lead to hypoxia of the fetus). Therefore, the preparation of the cervix should be approached maturely and responsibly. With this purpose, both medical and not medical methods.
In order to accelerate the ripening of the cervix during pregnancy medication the way the doctor prescribes and enters the mother with a special gel that contains a substance such as prostaglandin. The introduction of such a gel in the cervix contributes to shortening and softening and enlargement of the cervical canal. When strong uterine activity, this gel is not recommended to use, it can worsen the condition of the fetus.
To non-pharmacological method can be attributed to the introduction of dried seaweed – kelp. They represent a stiff thick sticks whose length is 5-6 inches, a thickness of 2-10 millimeters. Obstetrician introduces algae into the canal of the cervix (one or a few pieces) with the introduction of drugs (candles) in the vagina. Kelps are widely used in obstetrics, so as not to affect the fetus and the mother.
Doctors recommend regular intercourse without use of condoms, starting from the 36th week of pregnancy. As in the male seed contains natural prostaglandins, which remarkably softens the cervix. A poet should not do after intercourse to run immediately into the tub, let the sperm is inside and is active on the neck. In this case you should be very careful, especially if the doctor was forbidden to have sex. Slightly open the cervix may lead to premature birth.
Evening primrose oil is great to prepare the cervix for childbirth. But to take this drug should only by the doctor. With 34 weeks take one capsule with 36 weeks – two capsule per day and, starting from 39 weeks of pregnancy, the normal dose is three capsules. When abnormalities during pregnancy, this drug can trigger premature labor.