Unprotected sex perfectly prepares the cervix for childbirth. We should address it regularly from 36 weeks of pregnancy. In semen contain substances that soften the cervix, and the mechanical effect makes it more elastic. But here we should remember about the contraindications, if the doctor didn't want sex, then do not. Sex can trigger premature labor, especially if the cervix is slightly ajar. Normal the cervix is opened by this date, but only the outer part of the body of the uterus remains closed until the onset of contractions.
Evening primrose oil is good to prepare the cervix for childbirth. To take the drug need a doctor's prescription. Average doses are: 34 weeks – 1 capsule a day from 36 weeks – 2 capsules of the drug, with 39 weeks of pregnancy is 3 capsules per day. The drug can cause allergic reactions and induce premature labour in case of any abnormalities during pregnancy.
You can squat, it will strengthen not only the cervix but the vaginal walls, which also require preparation. You should start at 2 minutes, three times a day, gradually increasing the time to 15 minutes. Exercise can be done at the normal position of the uterine fundus, if it sagged, it is not necessary to experiment.
To prepare the cervix for childbirth put vaginal suppositories with kelp. Kelp or seaweed stimulates collagen production, makes tissues more elastic. To take the drug is necessary, depending on the timing of pregnancy and a candle manufacturer. The doses stated in the abstract, but to self-medicate still not worth it.
To relieve spasms prescribe antispasmodics. Take them normally at the end of the pregnancy a few weeks before the expected date of delivery. Most commonly prescribed drug, "But-shpa", but depending on the specific situation can appoint another.
In some cases, patients with "immature" cervix injected hormones. Treatment is usually administered after the test on Bishop "maturity", which has a scale from 0 to 4. Depending on the result and prescribe the appropriate treatment. In any case, doctors during childbirth fully monitor the condition of mothers and, in extreme cases, if the neck doesn't open well enough, will hold an emergency caesarean section.
You can sign up for childbirth preparation courses. All exercises performed during class, prepare the future mother for the birth of the baby, strengthen muscles, and improve pregnancy.