Sex. This is the easiest, safe and rather pleasant way to induce labor at home. The ideal option will be the classic sexual intercourse, because semen contains a hormone that contributes to the onset of labor. However, the fit is also simple stimulation of the genital organs. The fact that orgasm leads to contractions of the uterus and can cause contractions. Remember that this method works only if the woman has no medical prohibition of sexual intercourse in the third trimester, and the difficulty of bearing fruit either.
Try to clean the intestines. This procedure stimulates the development of contractions. Suitable enema, and a laxative, but only under the condition that the drug has a mild effect and is used with permission of the doctor. You can try to apply castor oil and light herbal infusions and teas that help cleanse the bowel.
Use the stimulation of the nipples. This process leads to the release of oxytocin and accelerated development of labor. If the woman is not recommended to refrain from sexual activity, it can combine this method with sex. If your doctor has advised for some time to abandon lovemaking, it will be enough simple stimulation of the breast. It can be done either by the woman herself and her partner.
Perform a gentle massage of the perineum using the essential oil of evening primrose. You can also ingest the capsules with this tool. The advantage of this variant lies in the fact that he promotes not only the development of labor activity, but also the softening and expansion of the cervix, and hence to reduce discomfort during childbirth. Most likely, one procedure will be enough, but if you will repeat it several days in a row, the result will not keep itself waiting long.
Drink special drinks, which can stimulate generic activities. We are talking about the decoction of the leaves raspberries, the juice with raspberry jam or marmalade, beetroot and black currant juice. You can also try drinking fresh orange juice with the addition of a small amount of castor oil. However, remember that the effectiveness of such measures may be low. In addition, you will probably have to try several of them before you pick up the drink that will help you. However, to use such funds as a Supplement to other methods is possible, and sometimes necessary.