So, it is necessary to answer the question – what are we really afraid of? As a rule, fear arises from ignorance of something from unexpected circumstances. And as a woman for the first time, having perceived the nascent life, begins to experience anxiety about how she will give birth and will it have it.

To not be afraid, you should be familiar with the process, using various tools - literature, videos. This will help these books: "the Book and workshop to prepare for childbirth" Venturino T. B., "From conception to the year" J. V. Constantinople, and others. There are various courses for training and webinars on the Internet. Everyone can choose for themselves the best method of education.

Another cause for worries is the fear of a strong and unbearable pain. First, any pregnant woman should understand that as scary and unpleasant to a child during birth, is incomparable. And my mom's and attempts to fight only the response of the body to a certain stage birth, so the pain only need to worry about. Second, the anesthesia dulls the instincts of the mother and is difficult to independently control the course of events. The main helpers in childbirth for mom – proper breathing, relaxation techniques and propekanie pain.

Should also take care of all the purchases, documents, and more comfortable to give birth. If you allow the financial capabilities, it is possible to give birth in a private room and her doctor, with whom the contract will be signed. For someone comfortable to give birth at home, then it is necessary beforehand to find a midwife to write a birth plan. And the third variant - in the time of the fights to call an ambulance or take my husband to the nearest hospital.

The baby bag with all the Essentials for mom and the baby to be collected in advance, preferably at the beginning of the third trimester. To prepare the bag all the documents. So it will be much more comfortable and quieter. Also parents need to take care of things, pieces of furniture etc. for the baby after delivery will be not before.

After reviewing the birth process, preparing all necessary, leaving behind the bad thoughts – any pregnant woman is able to overcome fear of childbirth.