You will need
  • - relaxing music;
  • - aromatic oil;
  • - with your partner.
There is no need to speed up the process of birth, if your cervix responds to contractions, is gradually revealed, and rates of CGT remain in the normal range. This means that the child continues to feel well and your body may just need a little more time to cope with the unfamiliar situation. Also do not forget that the laboring woman's sense of time may not match the actual. Sometimes it seems that an eternity had passed, and yet the hands on the clock barely moved from his seat.
If you wish to quickly give birth a few simple tricks will help to bring you a moment of seeing the baby.
Don't lie during labor. Try to give your body a vertical position. You can walk, to stand, to sway from side to side or even just to sit on the bed. In addition to the fights on the kid in this case will impact more and the force of gravity, with the result that he will become even stronger on the inside to put pressure on the cervix, making the opening more and more.
Regularly change the position of the body. This not only speeds up the process of childbirth, but also will help you to find a position in which the contractions will be felt less painful.
Try to eat and drink as much as you want. Maybe your body lacks energy for such intensive work, and a small piece of chocolate will only help pains become more intense. But do not forget before meals to consult with physicians, if they anticipate that childbirth can result in caesarean section, from snack it is better to abstain.
Go to the bathroom. Full bladder may weaken the influence of labor. Despite the pain, try not to clamp. Relax though it will not easy. Thus, you will only help yourself. Massage rump or ask your accompanying partner. Foot massage, inhalation of lavender oil, warm bath or a jet shower and relaxing music can help relaxation and, therefore, the processfrom birth.