There are different degrees of readiness of the cervix to the appearance of the baby born. If the doctor found that the cervix is immature, then its length is equal to the original (about 2 cm), and it tightly closed. The lack of maturity of the cervix of the uterus was already softened, but the opening is small, only 1-1. 5 cm. Mature neck is a softened muscular canal, opened more than 2 cm. It is believed that to leave ready the neck of the uterus, which revealed more than 1 finger.
To determine the opening of the cervix alone is not possible. From an experienced doctor, this procedure will take a couple of minutes. If you don't want to go to the hospital to complete disclosure, it is to help you to determine the readiness of the cervix of the uterus for childbirth will help the spouse. To do this, lie on your back beneath the buttocks a pillow or cushion. The assistant should thoroughly wash hands, wipe the index and middle finger with alcohol and lubricate oil can children. Even better, if the procedure will be carried out in a sterile disposable gloves.
Next you need to push the legs, as in a chair at the gynecologist, and gently pull them to the neck of the uterus was closer. Otherwise, her husband may simply not get it. Now you can gently introduce your fingers into the vagina. Immersing them all the way, you must rest against the baby's head. At this moment you can feel a small bump, this will be the neck of the uterus.
Then in the cervix need to find a groove. Unopened condition it is not more than 5 millimeters. If penetration is finger easily, then you can gently try to put it second, and then gently push in different directions. Depending on how managed to stretch the neck, it is possible to judge her readiness for childbirth and the extent of disclosure.