During pregnancy the cervix is in any case should not be softened. Soft and loose it's only towards the end of pregnancy. This shows the preparation of the body for childbirth. In the earlier stages soft neck, gradually revealing, is flattened and loses its ability to hold the fruit. The SAC thus partially takes place in the cervix that may lead to infection of the meninges, the dripping of waters and ultimately to the late miscarriage. That is why the regular monitoring of this body is very important. Softening of cervix is a serious cause for hospitalization in a hospital where the pregnant will offer different methods of treatment.


If at the next examination, the doctor found only a softening of the cervix, it does not mean that a woman cannot carry a pregnancy. With this change, the woman needs how much time to spend in bed, do not overwork and avoid nervous overloads. In that case, when a friable cervix is added to the hypertonicity of the uterus, observing the gynecologist will likely direct the woman on admission to the hospital, where there will be appropriate medical treatment, namely, intravenous administration of various drugs, pills, intramuscular injections. It relaxes the uterus and, in some cases, strengthens the neck.

Installation of pessary

Most often, the softness of the cervix is accompanied by its shortening. For this pathology the doctors say about the patient to the insolvency of the neck, resulting in late abortions for the period from 20 to 30 weeks. In case of detection of short and soft cervix the gynecologist can offer to deliver obstetric pessary. Simply put, the pessary is a special ring that captures the cervix, does not allow it to open up prematurely, while reducing the pressure of the fetus on the cervix. It eliminates the threat of premature birth.

Installation of pessary - the procedure is painless and quick. It is usually removed at the end of pregnancy, after 37-38 weeks and certainly in the conditions of the hospital, as the removal of the pessary can trigger labor. The use of this simple equipment in most cases allows the woman to carry the pregnancy to term and give birth to a healthy baby.

Stitches on the neck

Another way to maintain the desired pregnancy at the isthmic-cervical insufficiency (so-called right this pathology) is the surgical tightening of the cervix with special seams. Manipulation is done only under General anesthesia in a hospital. Favorable time for suturing if you experience ICN - 14-20 weeks. Before the operation is necessarily performed a comprehensive examination of the pregnant woman and preparing the genital tract and uterus. Of course, as with any surgery, suturing the cervix can lead to complications or may not bring the desired result, but most often with regular monitoring and supervision by the gynecologist forecasts on the birth of a full-term baby is quite favorable.