Advice 1: 40 weeks pregnant how to induce labor

Childbirth - a natural physiological process that occurs during the period of 38-42 weeks of pregnancy. Labors starts with a certain hormonal background, but if this period does not start the fight, you can contribute the birth of the baby.
Walk pregnant

Factors accelerating the onset of labor

The woman on the 9th month of pregnancy especially necessary for frequent walks quiet step. When the expectant mother walks for an hour 2 times a day, it improves blood flow in all organs. A rush of blood to the reproductive system enhances the saturation of the tissue is not only oxygen and nutrients but also important hormones. Under the influence of female hormones – oxytocin, prostaglandin, etc., the cervix and starts the mechanism of delivery.

Prenatal child at the end of pregnancy, as a rule, you'll head down. Walking when pregnant, the fetus naturally moving down belly and lowered the head into the pelvis. Contributes to this process and reflex hypertonicity of the uterus, which is the ninth month comes from the slightest physical exertion.

The expectant mother may stimulate the beginning of labor, longitudinal stroking of the abdomen in a downward direction. These actions also increased the tone of the uterus and help the baby to drop head in the mother's pelvis.

To induce labor at 40 weeks pregnant you should be very careful. Is strictly prohibited with the purpose of running or jumping, because these actions may cause premature detachment of the placenta and cause irreparable harm to the health of the fetus and woman.

To speed up delivery recommended natural stimulation of the cervix. To develop the cervical throat, before childbirth can sex life. Of course, you should use a gentle poses on the side. Multiple studies have shown that female orgasm and male hormones, which have come from the sperm during intercourse, contribute to the softening of the cervix.


If a generic there has been no activity on the occurrence of a full 40 weeks of pregnancy, your doctor may prescribe medication that will contribute to the birth of the baby. Such drugs include "Prepidil gel", it is introduced into the cervix. Due to the unique hormonal composition, which acts only locally and does not harm the baby, the gel helps to soften the cervix and contributes to the fights.

To soften the cervix and trigger labor, the doctor lays in the cervical canal gauze turundas soaked in a solution Enzaprost". This drug has a local effect and helps to prepare the birth canal.

In rare cases, the doctor prescribes a pregnant woman who is in the hospital for a period of 40-42 weeks, pill "Mifepristone". This medication causes cramping contractions of the uterus and develops tribal activities.

Advice 2 : How to speed up contractions

If labor is going slowly, it becomes an ordeal for the child and mother. The acceleration contractions and the labor process may be dictated by medical reasons, so it is assumed the use of all available methods.
How to speed up contractions
At the first sign of the beginning of childbirth, a woman can take steps to the process was not lengthy and too long. Need to move, because a change in body position will not only speed up the contractions, but will also bring relief in the form of lower pain and discomfort. Walk around the room, squat, change your body position. It is helpful to shake your hips from side to side, lean forward during contractions.
Empty the bladder more often – crowded as it can inhibit the passage of the baby's head. During labor all the senses are sharpened, and you may not feel the urge to urinate, so try to relax and control the process of urination.
If you are at home, you can take a warm shower or bath. This procedure will reduce pain and help relax the muscles, facilitating the flow of labor and stimulating the birth process. To strengthen the contractions, you can try to wash the floors several times to go up and down the stairs to have sex. Sexual intercourse increases blood circulation in the pelvis, which could be an additional impetus for enhanced delivery. Irritation of the nipples causes uterine contractions, so easy, tickling the breast massage you can do yourself or ask someone from your family. Laxative enema helps to reduce the intestine, which simultaneously acts on the uterus, causing its activity.
Medical ways to speed up your contractions are designed to reduce the duration of the generative process and are already in a nursing home. Puncture of the amniotic SAC is a painless procedure and causes severe increased labor. The introduction of stimulants generic activities will help to intensify contractions. Artificially induced contractions become strong and frequent, increasing the pain, so you may have to administering pain medication.

Advice 3 : How to shift the menstrual cycle

Regular menstrual cycle is an important indicator of reproductive health of women. But in some cases when the planned monthly accounts inappropriately. Fortunately, it is possible to briefly postpone them without harm to health.
How to shift the menstrual cycle
You will need
  • - lemon;
  • - parsley.
Easier just to shift the menstrual cycle of women taking oral contraceptives. After the packing of tablets don't do weeks, a major break in the reception. The next day, drink a pill from a new package. Continue taking the tablets until the required period. This method will not cause harm, if the length of artificial delay will not exceed two weeks.
If you want your period came early, discontinue oral contraceptives. It is desirable to do it not earlier than the 15th-16th day of cycle. At the end of the seven-day break, then resume taking pills from a new package. In this way without harm to health can move the start of menstruation no more than once per year.
If you are not using hormonal contraceptives, but there is a need to push scheduled menstruation for a couple of weeks, use monophasic birth control pills, such as "Minulet", "Femoden" etc. Start to take them for 5-7 days before the expected menstruation.
If oral contraceptives are contraindicated, use of folk remedies to delay menstruation. However, they are not as effective as the contraceptive pill. They can be used to shift the menstrual cycle of a maximum of 3-5 days. One of the most effective folk remedies is lemon. 3-4 days before the expected start of menstruation to eat it in the pain oflarge quantities (3-4 pieces a day). However, remember that citrus fruits, especially in such doses, adversely affect the mucous membrane of the stomach, so there is every chance to earn a gastritis.
Less harmful but also less effective decoction of parsley. Two tablespoons of chopped herbs pour a glass of boiling water. Steep for one and a half hours. Drink 100 ml twice a day, starting with the 25-day cycle.

Advice 4 : How to shift a cycle of folk remedies

Sometimes a vacation trip to the sea or nature it coincides with the date of the beginning of menstruation. Several to move the cycle by using folk methods, not has high damage on the female body. But keep in mind that to make serious changes is unlikely to succeed.
How to shift a cycle of folk remedies

Folk remedies, changing the menstrual cycle

When menstruation has already started, one to expedite its completion. To do this, from the first day, take decoction of nettles. For the preparation you will need 4 tbsp of the herb and 500 ml of boiling water. Add raw materials into the water, place on low heat on the stove and boil for 5 minutes. Wait until they cool down. Take 100 ml three times a day. If you have no menstruation, and bleeding, intake of decoction is contraindicated.

To stop the period or to shorten their duration will help a decoction of water pepper. It may be cooked in the same way as the infusion of nettle. Should take half a Cup three times a day. On average, a 2-3 day course enough.

A mixture of honey with lemon will help to speed up menstruation for 2-4 days. To make this happen, start 10 days before the expected date. Keep in mind that if you have problems with the digestive organ, take this mixture is impossible, as perhaps aggravation.

A decoction of the roots or leaves of parsley accelerates the arrival of menstruation for a few days. For its preparation you will need 5 tbsp of raw materials and 500 ml of boiling water. Mix ingredients and boil. Cover your container and leave for a couple of hours, take 100 ml three times a day, start the course of 10 days to one month.

Possible side effects

People who are prone to allergic reactions, may increase in the form of skin rashes, watery eyes and other symptoms. In this case, the reception of decoctions should immediately stop and seek medical doctor for advice.

Decoctions of herbs that have a hemostatic effect, contraindications problems with blood vessels, heart, etc. as the blood thickens, the formation of blood clots.

Keep in mind that medicinal herbs do not always help to achieve the desired effect. They will not be able to terminate the pregnancy, if you want to call period during the period of delay. To solve the problem, you need a visit to the gynecologist.

If you have menstruation falls on an unwanted date, consult your doctor in advance. Specialist will choose oral contraceptives, which will help to move the cycle without harm to your health. But keep in mind that to begin reception OK should be at least for 1-2 months to get to move the cycle. To independently assign itself the drugs is impossible, as they have an impressive list of contraindications.

Advice 5 : How to make contractions and to give birth faster

Modern doctors have a whole Arsenal of drugs that can trigger the beginning of birth pangs. Women who want to meet your baby, can bring the onset of labor alone.
How to make contractions and to give birth faster

What you need to induce labor

Despite the fact that during the pregnancy the doctors set a provisional date of delivery, the baby may be born a little earlier or later than this date.

Normally developing pregnancy lasts 40 weeks obstetrics. There are cases when after this time the baby is in no hurry to be born. Post-term pregnancy may trigger the development of various complications. As a rule, on terms from 42 weeks the doctors tried to induce labor artificially if until that moment the woman starts to give birth.
Fear of complications and desire to quickly meet the baby pushes the mother that she tries to induce labor by yourself.

How to approach the beginning of childbirth

Contractions are regular contractions of the smooth musculature of the uterus leading to the opening of her cervix. In order to induce, you can increase physical activity. Physical activity not only triggers the beginning of labor, but also has beneficial effects on the female body.

A great way to speed childbirth is walking, uphill and down stairs, swimming. While running, lifting weights and jumping is strictly prohibited. If a pregnant woman has certain health problems, it should relate to the increase in physical activity with caution.

A good way to speed childbirth is a sexual act. In the men's semen contains hormones which soften the cervix and prepare it for disclosure. Intimacy is contraindicated after a discharge of mucus plug. A contraindication to it can also serve as placenta previa and some pathology.

To induce by purgation. Perfect for these purposes the use of laxatives and enema. A mild laxative effect can be achieved by eating boiled beets or olive oil. To approach the beginning of contractions and helps the regular consumption of tea with raspberries.

All actions designed to expedite the onset of labour, you need to discuss with your gynecologist. Your doctor will tell you what methods you can use if it's actually necessary. In some cases, the overcarrying of pregnancy due to incorrect formulation of its terms. In order to make a decision on the need to accelerate the beginning of fights, you need to make a series of studies that will assess the current status of the fetus.
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