Factors accelerating the onset of labor

The woman on the 9th month of pregnancy especially necessary for frequent walks quiet step. When the expectant mother walks for an hour 2 times a day, it improves blood flow in all organs. A rush of blood to the reproductive system enhances the saturation of the tissue is not only oxygen and nutrients but also important hormones. Under the influence of female hormones – oxytocin, prostaglandin, etc., the cervix and starts the mechanism of delivery.

Prenatal child at the end of pregnancy, as a rule, you'll head down. Walking when pregnant, the fetus naturally moving down belly and lowered the head into the pelvis. Contributes to this process and reflex hypertonicity of the uterus, which is the ninth month comes from the slightest physical exertion.

The expectant mother may stimulate the beginning of labor, longitudinal stroking of the abdomen in a downward direction. These actions also increased the tone of the uterus and help the baby to drop head in the mother's pelvis.

To induce labor at 40 weeks pregnant you should be very careful. Is strictly prohibited with the purpose of running or jumping, because these actions may cause premature detachment of the placenta and cause irreparable harm to the health of the fetus and woman.

To speed up delivery recommended natural stimulation of the cervix. To develop the cervical throat, before childbirth can sex life. Of course, you should use a gentle poses on the side. Multiple studies have shown that female orgasm and male hormones, which have come from the sperm during intercourse, contribute to the softening of the cervix.


If a generic there has been no activity on the occurrence of a full 40 weeks of pregnancy, your doctor may prescribe medication that will contribute to the birth of the baby. Such drugs include "Prepidil gel", it is introduced into the cervix. Due to the unique hormonal composition, which acts only locally and does not harm the baby, the gel helps to soften the cervix and contributes to the fights.

To soften the cervix and trigger labor, the doctor lays in the cervical canal gauze turundas soaked in a solution Enzaprost". This drug has a local effect and helps to prepare the birth canal.

In rare cases, the doctor prescribes a pregnant woman who is in the hospital for a period of 40-42 weeks, pill "Mifepristone". This medication causes cramping contractions of the uterus and develops tribal activities.