Move when you feel the first contractions. Movement or dance speeds up the process of disclosure of uterine throat and reduces the time of delivery.
Soak in the tub with warm water for a few minutes, provided that the relatives will be able to help you.
Find the most comfortable position of the body: squatting, lying on the ball, standing on all fours. Effectively reduces pain frog pose: sitting on the heels, spread the knees apart, hands lean on the chair.
Make circular, swaying movements of the pelvis.
Relax between contractions, possibly fall asleep.
Lightly Pat with fingertips to the skin of the lower abdomen: early in the fight, inhale, hands direct from the midline to the sides, on the exhale, return arms to starting position.
Place the hands palms along the thighs, thumbs hard and often push the dots in the most protruding parts of the pelvis (anterior superior spines of the iliac bones).
Do massage of the sacral area of the spine, it effectively reduces pain during labor. Be careful where to move the pain and massaging sore spots.
Breathe in on the contraction slowly and deeply: on 4 accounts breathe in, 6 counts out.
Proceed to shortness of breath if you experience unbearably painful contractions: do a quick increased the breath. Alternate rapid breathing with slow, to avoid dizziness.
Feel your body and imagine the opening of the cervix. If you have the desire to push, lie on your back and make attempts. Drag the head to the abdomen, with tense abdomen and breathe correctly.
Inhale at the beginning of the attempts, push on the exhale or hold your breath. Do 3 breathing cycle at each attempts. Attempts alternate between slow and fast breathing.
Think about the baby during the whole labor activity. This will add strength and allow you to relax.