The restoration of the uterus is fast enough, but the woman needs to follow a few simple rules. After birth (if not stitches), you need to lie on your stomach as often as possible and longer. Preferably even sleep on it.
Note that the speed of recovery depends on the course of pregnancy and childbirth. In low birthwork, polyhydramnios or multiple pregnancy reverse development of the uterus is slow. Not the best way affect the tone of the uterus and past illnesses of the female reproductive organs, fibroids.
As a rule, the uterus well and are declining among women who during pregnancy did not neglect physical exercise, after childbirth does not lie around in bed. During pregnancy it is necessary to walk, do simple exercises, perform feasible housework. And after the birth with a doctor's permission to begin to move actively.
Helps to reduce the uterus cold warmer immediately after birth. But when expressed violations of the contractile function is necessary to appoint a special medicines.
Most of the physiological role and the regular emptying of the bladder. Unfortunately, women do not attach any importance to this, especially if after childbirth were stitched and it is accompanied by pain. But try to empty your bladder as often as possible it is necessary to "afterdays drops" (don't forget about preventing constipation).
Be sure and strict follow the rules of personal hygiene (processing of seams, cleaning) that will prevent afterbirthcomplications th.
Remember that proper breast feeding (early initiation) is one of the basic conditions of uterine contractions. Unfortunately, in the first weeks after birth cramping during feeding is very painful, if necessary, after consultation with the doctor can take painkillers or antispasmodics.