Very often during childbirth is her husband or other relatives, but they have to control the situation, to help, so you need to try to explain and talk about feelings.
In the house to create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere before you go to the hospital need to collect the necessary things, it is better to do without fuss and with pleasure.
It is recommended in the first phase of labor as much as possible to relax, because the following stages will require much more effort.
You need to try to relax for this you can light an aroma lamp or just to stretch your muscles. Massage is also a very good method for relaxation, it can make the husband or another person that is currently nearby. In a moment of relaxation induces the production of oxytocin, which strengthens contractions.
It is very important in the time of the fights that the body has the optimum amount of fluid if it will not be enough, labor can slow down. Uterine contraction may slow, and an excessive amount of water in the bladder, so often need to go to the toilet.
During the fights need as much to move and it is desirable to maintain a vertical position, you can just lean on the wall, and it is possible that someone supported. This situation will accelerate childbirth.
You also need to help the baby move through the birth canal, it is necessary to choose the most convenient vertical position. Due to the forces of attraction of the process of the birth on light of the baby will go faster.
The birth process is very long and to speed it up, to ease the suffering and pain, you need to follow these simple steps and then a long-awaited baby will be born much faster. And every woman becoming a mother realizes that the baby is one of the most joyous moments in her life.