One of the surest ways is exercise. It can be various exercises. Squat, bend, jump. Such activities stimulate the contraction of abdominal muscles. Pretty effective method, if there is a possibility of physical activity.
Stimulate the nipples, it often helps to bring on labor that is due to the production of oxytocin which, in turn, influence on the smooth muscle of the uterus and helps to reduce them.
To induce labor if possible, also visit the baths, particularly useful if there are any close to home.
Aromatherapy has a beneficial effect on the stimulation of muscle contractions of the uterus, if you choose the right flavor. Best choose for such purposes, rose oil, or Jasmine, they positively affect the hypothalamus, which just secretes oxytocin.
Massage of biologically active points of the body, is one of the most benign ways, as, for example, in comparison with drugs in any way will not harm the unborn baby.
Take a bath, preferably a little warmer than usual, however, that the water temperature was pleasant, otherwise you can lose consciousness. You can take a bath with aromatic salts.
Oddly enough, sex is a great stimulant for the contractions of the uterine walls, and as a result, fights. More precisely, not sex, and orgasm, which can gradually develop in themselves the fight. In addition, the sperm has the properties to soften the cervix.
Scatter on the floor a box of matches and collect them systematically one at a time, this physical exercise also has the ability to induce labor.
Observe additionally the hormone oxytocin, which is sold in pharmacies.