To make an order, the Manager must obtain the written consent of the employee. To do this, make a supplementary agreement to the employment contract, which will stipulate the period and duties and conditions of temporary duty for the duration of the order. If the employee during the period of substitution will not change the duties and the terms of the employment contract, a supplementary agreement can not be.
After signing the agreement, issue an order about assignment of duties. In order to state the position, term and amount of payment. Specify in the order the fact that the employee familiar with the job descriptions. Familiarization of the employee with assigned duties assure the signature of the employee in special magazine.
In the case that the employee will perform the duties of an absent employee without interruption from your main work, specify in the order the amount of the Supplement. The amount of the Supplement is determined on the basis of internal regulations about the payment in the organization.
Set the order of the serial number, make it into the book of registration of orders. After placing the order on imposing of duties on the employee, a copy of the order direct to the accounting Department for the further calculation of a worker's pay. In the event of combining the duties of the absent employee without interruption from your main work, the payment calculation is made for the main work and temporary performance of duties of absent employee.
After the establishment of the order on imposing of duties familiarize him with the authorised person, the order is deemed communicated to the employee after he read to him and put his signature in the appropriate log.