Read all normative legal acts that ensure the order of registration of the orderand other documents on the reconciliation of positions.
Pay particular attention to the fact that the employee to combine positions at the same workplace, so it is usually under the combination ofm means running simultaneously with the main duties specified in the employment contract, additional obligations on vacant office.
Note that the combination of posts has no direct bearing on the performance of the work on the basis of other employment contracts of full-time, part-time. Moonlighting typically involves the performance of other duties in their spare time and at different rates.
If the employee already had signed an employment contract, the conditions for job sharing must be specified in the additional agreement to the existing contract. If the position of the combination is temporarily vacant, after she was issued a permanent employee, you must work together with the employee to make a new additional agreement on cancellation of the combined positions.
Review the forms under which must be made the order of the alignment of the posts. The order shall be executed as follows:
- indicating the name of the organization (ideally, such an order is issued on the personal letterhead of the organization);
- indicating the position of the employee who will combine the execution of labour duties;
- indicating the position, the duties of which lies with the employee;
- specifying the date at which these responsibilities are transferred to the jurisdiction of the employee;
- confirmation that employee is assigned the additional charge in the amount stipulated in the supplementary agreement.At the end or the beginning of this document must indicate the date of its publication. Sign the order. In addition, the order must be stamped and agreed with the chief accountant of the organization.
Introduce the employee to combine positions, with the order ofohms.