You will need
  • documents Director;
  • - documents of the enterprise;
  • - seal of the organization;
  • - forms of the relevant documents;
  • - handle;
  • - The labour code of the Russian Federation.
If the founders of the company are several, the decision about the necessity of leave to be taken at the Council of members. The meeting of founders shall make the report. It should write the date that you plan to withdraw the General Director of the basic annual paid leave. Participants must specify the reason for which it should be done. The reason may be the need for production, the important issues and others. The Protocol signed by the Chairman of the constituent Assembly and the Secretary of the Council of members, certified by the stamp of the enterprise.
If the enterprise has a sole founder, he should take the sole decision to revoke the Director of the organization from vacation. To assure the document printing firm and his signature should he party.
On the basis of the Protocol make an order. In the header of the document enter the company name, city in which it is located. Give the order number, date. Enter the document subject, in this case it should match the opinion of the employee. The reason for the order of corresponds to the reason that written in the Protocol or the sole solution. In the administrative parts of the document specify the date from which you want the Director General to proceed with the performance of their duties. Responsible for the introduction of unused vacation days in the vacation schedule shall charge the personnel Department.
The right of signature of the order of the Chairman of the constituent Assembly. Become familiar with the document of the company Director, who speaks from vacation. Assure the order's seal.
If the Director is endowed with certain powers, they need to make a decision on the early release of the holiday. The order should reach the Director General, to sign a document, be certified by the seal of the company.
On the basis of order about the leave the Director of human resources shall make the appropriate changes to the vacation schedule and personal ID card of the Director.