You will need
  • - job description chief accountant;
  • - Memorandum from the Manager of structural subdivision;
  • - staffing;
  • - the form of the transfer order;
  • - the local normative act;
  • - documents of the enterprise;
  • - seal of the organization;
  • - The labour Code of the Russian Federation.
The procedure of the dismissal of the chief accountant, heads of structural divisions, which employs a worker who temporarily replaced first must make a report. In it, he should prescribe, for the vacant position is required to transfer the employee, as it coped with the job the chief accountant. He needs to point his education, qualifications, experience. To note, as a rule, you can attach the feature to the specialist. In the case of a positive decision of the Director should be put in the upper left corner of the document, the visa with the date and personal signature.
The employee who performed the work function of chief accountant during his vacation, should write the application addressed to the first entity of the company. It must Express their request to transfer with the position he takes on the position of chief accountant. In a statement, the head of the company must put a resolution with date and signature.
Make an agreement with the transferred to the position of chief accountant of the employee. Write a list of duties to be performed by the incumbent on the above-mentioned positions. Previously, you should familiarize the technician with the job description of a chief accountant. On the part of the employer must sign the agreement the Directors of the company to assure the company's seal, from the employee – translated specialist.
Make a order. The basis of his edition is the agreement with the employee. Prescribe in administrative part of the list of duties of the chief accountant, the salary, bonuses, awards for the position in accordance with the local normative act of the company. Sign the order signed by the Director or other authorized person. Become familiar with the document of the employee.
In the workbook the employee record of the transfer. Put the date of entry. Information about work write: "Translated from the position of chief accountant the chief accountant." Base record will be the order of the transfer, specify the number and date. Sign the record company stamp, signature of the person responsible for recording, storing, maintaining labor books. In a personal card you should make a note on transfer to the post of chief accountant.