You will need
  • - staffing;
  • - documents of the enterprise;
  • - seal of the organization;
  • - documents of the employee;
  • - employment contract;
  • - job description Director;
  • - the form of the order.
Usually during the absence of the first person of his duties must be performed by the Deputy Director. But if there is none in the organization, then the Manager must appoint a performing his duties.
Select the employee who will perform duties during the absence of the Director (vacation, business trip, temporary inability to work). Usually appointed the head of one of the structural units. Write a notice to the specialist, which specify job dutiesthat he will perform for the first face of the company. Enter the amount of the Supplement, which will be the reward for the combination of professions.
Define the term on which you install the performance of the duties of the Director. Notification-the employee must Express their agreement/disagreement on replacement of the head. And in either case it is necessary to write the application. If an employee expresses a positive decision, then it should be in accordance with the notice to specify the date, amount of payment, the title of the position, the duties of which he will perform along with his employment function. When the expert expresses his disagreement with the alignment, he needs to enter the reason why this is impossible.
Make a supplementary agreement to the employment contract of an employee who will combine the performance of their job functions along with duties of the Director of the organization. Prescribe conditions in accordance with the notification which are established to employees in the combination of professions. Employer has the right to sign the head of the organization, from the employee is performing assigned duties , the General Director of the company specialist.
Make the order on appointment fulfilling duties of the Director. Specify the period during which the employee will be to combine positions. Write a list of the work functions of the head, which he should perform. Write the size of the surcharge that will be a reward for the performance of duty first-person of the firm. Familiarize the specialist with the order, in the right field which he needs to put the personal signature, the date of familiarization with the document. Sign the document with company seal, signature of Director of the company.
In the work book about the combination of the posts of record to make no need. Make a power of attorney for the signature of the General Director. Specify the validity of the document. Write a list of documentation that may sign specialist, performing duties of head of the organization. You must consider when signing documents with legal, legal, labor in nature, the employee should state his position in accordance with the staffing level the surname, name, patronymic, to put a personal signature. In any case, no need to write "performing the duties of the Director", as personnel documents such positions are not available.