First and foremost you must obtain employee consent to the acceptance of additional responsibilities about this article 60.2 of the Labor code. For this purpose issue a notification to his name. Here specify the reason (e.g., in connection with the release of the main employee), the period of substitution. Give the document to the signature of the person to whom it is addressed (his signature will constitute acceptance).
Turn to the regulation rules on the temporary imposition of duties. This condition you can prescribe in the document "internal Rules".
Be sure to sign the additional agreement to the employment contract, because you change one of the conditions (and sometimes more). Here, specify what is assigned to the employee. For example, the courier went on vacation. Its duties you impose on the Secretary. In additional agreement specify that the employee must work with the documents, namely to deliver and take them with contractors, authorities and other organizations.
In the additional agreement term and specify the substitution. You can write a specific date, and may just prescribe that the duties assigned during the absence of the primary employee in the workplace.
In the same document secure payment. Remember that the laying of duties entail extra work, so don't pay for it you can't. Additional wages can be specified as a percentage of salary and fixed amount.
Place your order on the imposition of additional duties. Unified Government of the Russian Federation has not been developed, therefore, make it yourself and approve the accounting policies of the company. Here also specify the period of substitution, name of employees and the amount of the Supplement. Give the order for review to the employee.