You will need
  • - employment contract;
  • - an additional agreement to the labour contract;
  • - the order on temporary assigned duties.
Select the method of registration of the substitution. The labour code includes three option: internal, part-time, job sharing, temporary transfer to another job. The combination assumes that the employee will perform the duties of a temporarily absent colleague after the main job, but no more than 4 hours a day.
Temporary transfer means the movement of a citizen from one working place to another. This can change material conditions. For example, a temporary position may be lower than an employee on a permanent basis. The term of transfer to another job shall not exceed one year.
When combining the post of occupational stress on employee increases. In the ordinary working day, there is an expansion of duties and powers, the increase in assigned tasks. In fact, people working for two.
Get the consent of the employee for any replacement option. Without this condition, it is possible to do in the event of a transfer of an employee to another professional site for up to 1 month in connection with an emergency situation (catastrophe, crash, accident, etc.). The consent of the employee is also not required if the conditions of his labor will not change in comparison with specified in the employment contract.
For the interior positions will be required to enter into with the employee another employment contract. It is necessary to determine the conditions of labor in a shared office routine, wages, etc.
For other substitution options is made an additional agreement to the labour contract. When combining positions in the document necessary to transfer charge to the employee additional duties, the amount of work performed over and above basic functions, the period of replacement of an absent employee, the amount of supplements. The supplementary agreement on the temporary transfer also includes information about the timing of translation and performed by the employee new duties.
Determine the wage. The act does not clearly specify the minimum and maximum boundaries. The fee for combination of the posts established by agreement of the employee and the employer in a fixed amount over time additional responsibilities or percentage of salary (for the replaced or original post).
For staff employed in internal combination, the salary is calculated in proportion to time worked or depending on productivity (performance standards, etc.). While part-time workers are subject to all the monetary bonuses that are installed in the enterprise or in the region, for example, for special working conditions.
During temporary transfer to another area the employee is paid for work (his post). However, the wage should be in this case not below the average earnings in her original post.
Prepare the order on temporary assignment of duties of the absent employee to another employee. It is necessary to specify the reason, period, type of substitution and the size of payment for it. For example, "In conjunction with the regular vacation of the chief accountant I. I. Ivanova ordered to entrust the execution of its responsibilities for the senior accountant p. P. Petrov, without release from work for the period from 01.06.2012 to 01.07.2012. To appoint p. P. Petrova for a specified period surcharge of 40% of the salary of the chief accountant". Familiarize the employee with the order and get his signature on the document.