Get the written consent of the employee on whom you want to temporarily shift responsibilities. Do it with the help of the additional agreement to the labour contract. List the period of performance of official duties in the case if you change the salary, and specify its size.
Also consent is unable to, by providing the employee notice. Specify a time frame, list temporary duty. If you change major, it should also be mentioned. Then give the employee the document to be signed.
Familiarize the employee with his new duties, for this you can give information job descriptions. After reviewing the employee must sign a special register, his signature will constitute acceptance of all listed conditions.
Then make an order. Specify an administrative document date, place of execution (city). Make sure to put the ordinal number of the document. Give a reason for the laying of official duties, for example, "in order to ensure compliance with norms and safety regulations" or "in connection with the release of the employee acting as (insert title)".
The airport and enter the amount of the Supplement. This can be as a fixed rate, and the percentage of the production or the services rendered. In the order, specify the employee's name, position, its personnel number. Then sign the document, put the blue seal of the organization and give the signature of the employee.
Register the administrative document in the journal of the orders and give to the accounting Department for subsequent calculation of remuneration. Don't forget to put a note in the personal card of the employee (unified form T-2).