You will need
  • documents employees who are responsible, company documents, company seal, pen, A4 paper.
Before to issue the order on appointment of persons responsible for fire safety and labor protection, write additional agreement to the labor contract employees, which plan to impose certain duties and responsibilities. Sign the agreement seal and signature of the Director. To document your personal signature puts each of the employees, thus confirming the fact of acquaintance with the supplementary agreement.
In the job descriptions of specialists prescribe these responsibilities, familiarize employees with documents under the painting. Also employees should be trained in the appropriate state body for fire safety and labor protection. As a confirmation of the training, they receive certificates of the established sample. If any of the employees this document is available to teach again it is not necessary. It will be valid even when the training was held in another organization.
In the orderon appointment of responsible persons write the name of the company in accordance with its constituent documents, assign the date and number. In the administrative parts, specify surnames, names, patronymics of employees, which bear the responsibility of their positions in accordance with the staffing level and the date of occurrence of responsibility.
A document signed by a Director of the company, indicating the position, surname, initials. Assure the order 's seal. Familiarize decision makers with regulatory document under the painting.
Responsible for fire safety and labor protection needs to the appropriate journal and to acquaint employees with instruction on labor protection and fire safety established by the legislation.