Assemble the documents required for the sale of the house. Contact BTI for a registration certificate of the building. Matter how much you agree to pay for the registration document, the period of preparation varies from one month to one day. But if you need to obtain registration certificate within 2 weeks, be prepared for the fact that you have to get the employee of BTI into the house and deliver it back at your expense. And inconsistent layouts can significantly extend the paperwork.
Rate your home. It is necessary to analyze the real estate market. Make the main characteristics of their housing and compare it to similar options on the websites ads. So you can bring the average cost of a home. By the way, you can go to a specialized Agency, and an expert professional will evaluate.
Place an ad to sell the house. Select all Newspapers and magazines that have a section of the real estate market. Take a picture of the house - these ads will meet more responses, because potential buyers will have an approximate visual representation of your offer.
Use free classified ads website. Select your region and fill out the form, putting the main characteristics of the house and its price. Don't forget to leave your contacts: phone, ICQ number, Skype or e-mail address. Make sure to insert the photo.
Create a business card at home. Swipe the photo session and show all the most attractive side of their homes. If you use such way of advertising, you will have the opportunity to paint the quality of the materials from which made the house and list the connected communications. It should be noted that simply creating a website won't help at the initial stage. So place a link to it in ads on Internet sites.